Old Bird


Jan 4, 2024
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97 Tbird, pbr front brakes, Sport edition 4.6 w/ 338k total miles by me the one and only owner.
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Participated on the Tccoa site for a long time- back to Sir William days and the J-mod was my draw. I had just used up the original tyranny at 130k and the rebuilt one lasted 12 months thanks to my carelessness with the aux cooler I added using only a hose clamp on the steel line I had cut. I had a friend tell me about upgrading and I wound up with a 2000 mustang tranny where a kid was going manual and I scored for 200 on evilbay. Swapped it myself in driveway and oops the pilot diagram I used was the mirrored side. Finding only reverse and 2nd I re-read and found the right diagram and swapped pins as needed. I'm at 338k miles now with newer pinout. I still love my daily driver.
I to this day don't know which diagram is right, I look at the right pinout I think "is this the reverse one?" as it's such a common mistake I doubt myself :rofl:
The original drawing was the opposite side of the connector from what you think. I go by the empty pins, because those need to be dealt with first, and then the unused holes get filled with rtv.
There was a better diagram in the stuff from the other website, we preserved after they went down. I'll try to find the harness I have that's unmodified. I have one of the y's with the trans conn and the rear o2's. Taking that off, and modding it on the table works well.

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