Let's talk about Ostrich

Tasty eggs too. You can literally feed your entire family with just one of them. :biggrin:
Those were juvies, pretty docile, just very curious. Yeah, kinda weird, it's red and is more like beef.

Where have you found ostrich boots?
Looks like perforated leather by way of a Philips head screwdriver lol
There was an ostrich farm I took my kid to just south of the Bay area during the pandemic.
You could feed the ostriches kibble but in order to do so, they gave you what amounted to dustpan on sticks.
After the first feeding, it was pretty obvious why you didn't want to attempt any kind of hand feeding.
They were total a-holes and would attack the dustpans pretty violently in a bid to get all the kibble.

I wouldn't mess with one.
Love those seats. I'd like to recover mine like that.
They peck like chickens, but obviously much larger beaks. They're curious so they peck at you trying to figure out what you are and if you're food. One of them got me pretty good on the bicep, had a bruise for about a week.

At that farm, not when I was there, they were corralling some of the adults and one male had enough so he kicked a 4x4 fence post and split it in half. They have some seriously strong legs.
It's really good, lean meat. There was a resturaunt I used to go to, that had Ostrich, buffalo, and other exotics.
Used to go there all the time back when I was in college. Quality has slipped some since covid hit but I still love it. Don't think they have the ostrich burgers anymore.

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