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Sep 22, 2023
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Chameleon 1995 Thunderbird LX 4.6
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To start, I've loved the MN12 since they were new. Growing up, my Dad drove Taurus station wagons as his daily driver. Thanks to his job, we had a Taurus wagon from every model year between 1993 all the way to their demise in 2005. One of the highlights of my childhood was going to the Ford dealer with him each February to get the new car and to check out all the other new models on the lot. The Thunderbird was always the eye catcher for me. Bill Elliott, Davey Allison, and Alan Kulwicki drove them and they just looked good to me. Needless to say, I always wanted one but never could find the right time or right one.

Until now.

Day 1 Exterior Wash.jpg

Day 1 Front.jpg

Day 1 Rear.jpg

Day 1 Interior.jpg

Day 1 Door Jamb Plate.jpg

It's a 1995 LX 4.6 in Chameleon Blue with the Dark Blue cloth interior. Odometer read 64,065 the day I bought it (yes it spins and yes the Carfax report shows it to be accurate and yes I know at some point it was probably frozen). Standard stereo, factory remote keyless entry, SecuriCode, 3.27 Traction-Lok, and non-ABS brakes. It was purchased new in 1995 by a close friend's aunt who recently passed away. These cars randomly came up in a conversation and I mentioned how I had always wanted one. He then informed me he knew just where I could find one. One week later, I hooked a U-Haul trailer to the Land Cruiser and the Thunderbird was in my driveway.

It has the typical MN12 issues (door panel falling off, broken window gear, rotten bushings, broken power seat switch trim, etc.), but it runs and drives beautifully for its age. The paint will need some heavy work as it has likely never seen the inside of a garage since new. There are a few dings and the front light housings are all shot. Inside, the cloth seats are partially faded but still very blue. The dash has no cracks and is still solid. Other than the aforementioned flaws, the interior is in great condition for a 1990's Ford. It is also completely bone stock.

My goals for this one is to do a proper touring coupe restomod that I can one day pass down to my son. Repair the body and paint, add SC bumpers and skirts, fit some style of OE 17" wheels, refresh the suspension, and add some mild performance upgrades. Stock Ford look, sleeper performance.

As for the rest of my Ford collection, here are the current ones in the driveway.

Mondeo 1.jpg Mondeo 4.jpg

Edge 1.jpg Edge 2.jpg

So to say the very least, I am excited. This is a dream I have had since my childhood and I'm finally getting to enjoy it (or suffer, flip a coin).

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On my way back from picking up the Thunderbird, the trailer blew two tires out. This was the only car in the lot that I stopped in to wait for roadside.

Day 1 Breakdown.jpeg

I also discovered it has the illuminated entry package. That's something I have not seen since the early 1990's. Such a nifty feature (even if pulling the locked handle gave thieves a clear view of the interior).

Day 1 Illiminated Entry.png

Guarantee you some bean-counting accountant clicked the unlock button on his remote one night in 1995 and immediately found the next line-item to cut from the budget.
My 92 Cougar had the illuminated entry package and I added an aftermarket car alarm. Try and open the door, car alarm goes off. I liked that feature.

Nice car and it reminds me of one I used to have. I had a purple 94 bird with a few mods, a lot of fun memories.
Welcome! Nice family of Ford cars you have there.

So true about pulling the locked handle giving thieves a clear view of the interior. So glad I've got a garage to keep mine safe in. Our neighborhoods here in the Charlotte area are regularly prowled at night by vermin checking door handles looking for things to steal.
We've got a garage for it too luckily. We just moved to a new house and the garage is currently being used for storage as we continue to unpack. It'll be back inside soon enough.

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