Manifold Absolute Pressure Sensor

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Oct 2, 2023
New Mexico
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1994 Mercury Cougar XR7, 3.8L, all stock
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I have been trying to find out why my car is running rich and one part that is mentioned is the manifold absolute pressure sensor. Yet, I have never come across the MAP in all my work I have done on this engine.

Just to confirm, a 1994 3.8l with distributor does NOT have a MAP sensor, correct?
Thanks xr7. I thought it was strange that the 3.8l and 4.6l 94-95 Cougar / Thunderbirds use the same MAF sensor, and I have a 95 Town Car with the 4.6l, yet they don't list that TC 4.6l as the same MAF. I wanted to try the MAF from the TC, but since it's different, I guess will buy one and see if it makes any diff. I keep wondering if the MAF I bought a while back is junk. It was a cheapy one from RockAuto.

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