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Dec 3, 2023
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1996 Ford Thunderbird LV 4.6
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I purchased my first Thunderbird, a 94 LX 4.6, while going to college after I got off active duty in the US Army. Kept it through graduation and it followed me to my first coaching job in Temple, Tx. Unfortunately it had a disagreement with a deer between Lampasas and San Saba on a trip back home to San Angelo. So I said goodbye to it and in the years since have had a variety of different vehicles. After retiring from coaching/teaching I wanted to get into something that ran pretty good, was a little less demanding than the Pontiac G8 GT ticket machine I had, and wouldn't be a payment. The picture of my 94 with the deer damage reminded me how great a car it was, especially on the highway. So I found a really clean opal white 1996 LX 4.6 with about 95,000 miles. Not perfect, but as a retired football coach I needed projects anyway. Researching one of them I came across TCCoA, where I learned about this place. Good to be here!


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"Disagreement" HEH, glad you're ok. Welcome on in
Welcome!!! I hit a deer with mine once, wasn't nearly that bad though. It was October of 2011, just had left work I see something to my right and slightly in front of me...realize it's a deer running next to the road. I started slowing down and moving left and so did he, almost like he was aiming for me. Next thing I know, it's sliding across my hood, somehow lands on its feet and keeps on going. I pull over thinking the worst, it cracked my corner lens, bent the front of the fender and left a couple small dents in the hood. Hood dents almost all just popped out, bent the corner back on the fender and glued the marker light back together. I left the next day and drove from Cincinnati to las Vegas for sema...luckily got there and back with no issues.
Beautiful interior!

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