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There's version of this on another forum that I frequent, and I though you guys would enjoy having a thread like this here.

So the ground rule for THIS thread:

This is a place to post the jokes, insults, and photos we come across - and can see the humor in pretty much everything. This is NOT the place to argue. Post - WITHOUT COMMENTARY - your favorite Cartoons and Memes here.​
To be clear: Posts in this thread are to be made without commentary. So, post your cartoons and memes without introduction, commentary, your .02 cents, postscripts or any other verbiage.​
To Clarify:​
  • No links to commentary in any form.
  • No linked or reposting of long form opinion in any form.
  • No links to Twitter, X or whatever it's called now. If you want to share something from there share the original image or video link without the embedded opinions and/or commentary of others.
  • No patently false stories masquerading as satire like the Adam Schiff story.
By no means is this list complete, Moderators have the final say. Please keep it civil.​
If we can't follow these rules and guidelines memes will not be allowed and this thread will be restricted to political cartoons only.​
If we still can't follow these rules and guidelines this thread will go away.​
We're pretty open here, so most things go. As always, posts are subject to moderator approval, they can and will be deleted at moderator discretion so please keep it civil.​
This thread will be especially great for those of us who do/don't like candidates of any political party/office/state, elected officials, lobbyists, mad dictators, greedy corporations, wacko radio hosts or journalists, etc, and can see the humor in pretty much everything.​

So please post & enjoy!
Cheers. :zbeer:

I'll get this started with one that I saw recently that gave me a good laugh.

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I've seen that look! I helped a buddy do a big professional sound install in a bar. On opening night, I realized the bar that I helped hump a 60 lb subwoofer magnet up a 50 ft circular staircase, and install it on a speaker, was a gay bar. !! We were playing pool, and free drinks, when my date whispered "that guy is going to be really disappointed when our "homophobic black belt buddy, with a temper" realizes he's staring at his ass while he's shooting pool. :) Of all my friends, I'll back him up, if there's a problem, because I know he won't puss out and run. :) One of the few times in my life That I had to fight my way out of what was essentially a disco, lol.

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