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Sep 12, 2023
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Title says it all - post a photo you took today, or recently.

I'll start us off with a couple photos I snapped while I was flying down to visit a rural Ohio air show this Sunday, as well as a few of the acts.



And of course, I can't share flying photos without some kind of video. Wife recorded my landing. :)

Welcome back to the "real tuners" club! :rofl:

Back? I apparently was never in it lol What's really wild is Oscar has the MBE3 database too, I wonder if he's been missing this stuff all this time.
A few of the actual fleet of fame mags I still inexplicably have (I subscribed in 02 and for some reason got them until 2007 despite never renewing) I actually remember getting the 2000 issue with the Scary Canary article after getting a flu shot at Walgreens after class in 6th grade. It's pretty cool all these years later to have a DOHC swapped MN12 when this very issue was essentially my introduction to the modified Tbird world. That guy was probably on the OG birdcats for all I know.


Awesome! We’ll post your copies!

That’s the same Mike Siska in second place who went by the Username EECDOC.
Yeah and I have a few others too, there's one issue I know has caption of Johnny Langton from a drag event, one with a spread of Bruce's 392tbird, one with Steve Dugan's Cougar and a shootout with SCs including Dave Dalke and a few other SCCoA guys I remember as well, I'll have to rifle through more. I always appreciated that mag for the "Fast Fords" other than Mustangs content.
The key to that scene is the Ferrari guy LOST. Oopsie!
Welcome Irv! Great first post! Thanks for your patience while we put this together.

Welcome Irv! Yeah, that one really pissed me off too!

Thanks guys! VS has been pissing me off for years across three different forums and now they're finally brazen about being the assholes that they really are.

I'm really glad to see the effort being put in here. I'll be much more interested in posting and keeping up with things here knowing that my content isn't being fed to community-killing leeches who are trying to monetize it. Forums are always going to be better than Facebook from a customization, layout, formatting, and functionality perspective, but really, between Bill and VS, how many times did the powers that be want me to leave TCCoA?

Anyway, here's a praying mantis katydid.

20230913_205425_HDR (Large).jpg
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Believe it or not .. this is still cheaper than the cost of electricity to charge an EV. 🤔

That’s what the price spread between 87 and 93 used to be in IL, it’s a full dollar more today, I’ve been getting 89 since the 4V seems fine with it, but even that’s .40 over 87! Granted all way less than that! :beek:
Everyone post your praying mantis pictures. This little guy came in to hang out and drink with me. Poor guy was missing an arm. He either tried to kill a bear, or just got back from fucking his wife.

I don't think I've seen one in 20 years! I used to see them all the time as a kid.
That’s what the price spread between 87 and 93 used to be in IL, it’s a full dollar more today, I’ve been getting 89 since the 4V seems fine with it, but even that’s .40 over 87! Granted all way less than that! :beek:

I've been putting at least $100 a week worth of gas into the SS, since the wife has been driving it. I told her to stay out of boost; she asked me how to do that. I said "dont drive it". 🤣

Thanks! I'm not very knowledgeable on insects, as you can see. :LOL:

I have two teenage boys at the house; AKA fact checkers. 🙄
You know what's dumb about my error above? If I can find wherever I put the pictures, I actually did get a mantis that went for a 1.6 mile ride with me a couple of years ago and even crawled up my arm and across my back. I don't know why I defaulted to "green insect = mantis" this time.

Okay, here.

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That's cool. They really are friendly little creatures.

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