Power steering module question


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Dec 26, 2023
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1992 Thunderbird Sport 5.0
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1992 tbird 5.0

I am in the middle of doing an ABS delete and I am tearing out the whole system. While in the trunk I took off the ABS controller and found a black box that apparently is the power steering module.

Is this module a part of the ABS system and can I remove it too? It runs in the same harness. If not what does that module even do?

Also how do I remove the hanging box these modules were in? I popped out one side but the other side is holding on with some sort of pins.

Thanks in advance.


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That is for the variable power steering assist.
It’s in the same harness assembly but it operates independently of ABS. On the left side of the trunk there’s a plastic pin you have to twist and pull down, then you can pull down the tray it’s in that’s clipped in. The right side is secured to the package tray from the top with studs but if you just need to get the module out it doesn’t need to come all the way out

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