Power steering wont bleed


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Dec 26, 2023
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1992 Thunderbird Sport 5.0
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1992 thunderbird 5.0

I have recently rebuilt my power steering pump and unhooked the lines off the rack and deleted the PS cooler and I have tried to fill and bleed the system of air with no luck.

I jack up the front end of the car and have turned lock to lock with the engine off and every time I am at the lock it makes a sucking/pushing sound of air inside the steering rack, I have turned the wheel a couple hundred times at this point and it blows air into the reservoir everytime I go to the locks.

What could be causing this? There is no leaks and the system worked before. What else should I try?
If it blows air, it's sucking air thru a seal. Not sure where; mine just bubbled when I installed the new rack, I was able to bleed it still on the stands, by going back and forth, lock to lock. I'm guessing it's the return line shooting air into the reservoir, but the source of the air is unknown. The whole volume of the rack is only a cup or so.
Id also add, with that particular pump, don't force the steering all the way to the lock. Get close, but not all the way. But Grog may be right, You could have bleeding through a seal.
You need to bleed with the engine running, otherwise you're only bleeding the rack itself, not the pump/pressure line
I forgot to mention I also tried bleeding it while running quite a bit
With that type of pump. Some people vacuum bleed the system. But when I do those I like to put the car on jack stands and rotate the wheels back and forth a bunch of times before I start the car. If you have done all that then I'm going to agree with Grog that you have a seal issue somehwere.
You can try using an electric ratchet and a hex socket to spin the pump shaft with the wheels off the ground, belt off, to help get air out. But again, could be a bad seal in the pump.
Heres what it sounds like/ what it does in the reservoir, it does that much bubbles every time it hits the stops

mine did that once, to each side. That is not normal.
Im spinning the pump with a drill and the fluid is staying still is that normal?

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