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Sep 22, 2023
Harriman, TN
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Let's keep the commentary in this thread; that way the Main contest thread can be locked at some point, commiting us to our list.
Discuss below. :)
My list, for reference.

I am assuming this is only viewable by members. Anyways.

1.) Tom Brady because
that guy.
2.) George Soros dies of "natural causes" but his son/clone Alexander seamlessly continues his work.
3.) Bill Clinton finally pisses Hillary off enough that she suicides him.
4.) Jimmy Carter looked like he was already dead at Rosalyn's funeral. Actual natural causes for this one.
5.) Riley Reid, AIDS.
6.) Charlie Sheen, AIDS and cocaine.
7.) At least one NASCAR, IndyCar, or F1 Driver gets murked in a crash. Bonus points if it is Kyle Larson in the Indy 500.
8.) Mia Khalifa does something stupid like go to the Middle East for a protest and gets clap(ped by terrorists).
9.) Either Putin or Zelenskyy will get bold enough to pick off the other one. Flip a coin.
10.) At least one TV preacher who believes in the power of you paying him to be healed by God will drop dead mid-sermon on a Sunday morning. Hopefully it's Kenny Copeland or Bill Johnson.

Anyways. Appears to be a good start.


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