SCT Rev X?


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Sep 25, 2023
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Check out this item on OfferUp.

Hey guys, would you know if this would work on the bird?? I know for sure the x3 and x4 work but this one seems pretty cool.

Also, would it make sense to get the sct advance tuning software?? Lasato has a deal for 420 with the software a tuning book and 1 free tune.
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I’m not seeing any tuners with the link. 🤔


Edit: Seeing it now on the home PC, I wasn't seeing it on my phone. :facepalm:
I can’t see it on my phone either. But looks cool is pointless for the purpose it serves. Can’t say how compatible it will be but be sure it’s not VIN locked just like you would an Xcal
Would I be better of grabbing the x3-4 instead? those for sure work on our birds, I seem to remember you got a x3 working on your cougar??

Would it make sense to get the tuning software also?? I know diddly about tuning so not sure if it would make sense to buy or just pay for tunes. Gonna throw that vortech on hopefully next month after smog is done and need a tune soon.

And I’ll totally make sure it’s not married, don’t wanna pay 100-200 to unlock it’s so dumb.
On a NA engine generally I’d say going into tuning without knowledge is a safe starting point… worst case scenario is you foul a few plugs really, but once you introduce boost into the mix you introduce the real possibility you’ll melt a piston or eight or blow a connecting rod out the block.

I won’t further discourage you from getting tuning software but keep in mind those are real possibilities compared to having a mail order tune from a tuner who’s been around the block with similar combos a lot.
Dang, well I did have my eye on this package from lasato. He sells tunes for an about $190 for SC applications, for an extra 230 he sells the software, a tuning book to help with tuning AKA noobs and 1 tune to start off.
Seems like I’d get atleast a cool tune to run on in the mean time and then start messing with it. One thing I kinda dislike is the shift schedule of the stock tune. 1-2 shifts suuuper low in the RPM.

Weren’t you tuning your trans shift points not to long ago??
Another thing to note .. Don may not be willing to tune California cars if you were thinking about going that route.
Daaaang, I was reading and it seems like he would but not willing to remove the EGR and other smog stuff. Which I don’t have a problem with.
Daaaang, I was reading and it seems like he would but not willing to remove the EGR and other smog stuff. Which I don’t have a problem with.

Altering the tune in any way is considered smog stuff ( in CA ). CDs was asking about a tune for a 5 speed swap not long ago and that wouldn't fly.
I think you’re right brodie it explicitly says it near the bottom. Well that sucks. I heard about this guy on Facebook Marty ochs. He also does tunes and I think has better rep than lasato. Right now I’m just collecting final parts and about to do my smog so I’m not in a rush.

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