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Sep 22, 2023
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I went back to Dodge Challenger guides.

Some may remember, my very first mod was one (!) driver side Challenger unit. I went back and forth with it, tried various ways to install it, and ultimately somewhat destroyed it. The belt didn't retract well back then, which I just rectified through a thorough wash.

Then I tried everything else: various years Chevy Monte Carlo, 2008 Mustang recently. I never tried the Cobalt/G5 units which people seem to put into the current Mustangs (they're all over Ebay), but they're similar to the Monte Carlo ones.

The Challenger ones' holes are almost the perfect distance. Just sand out about an 8th of an inch. Most importantly, the Challenger ones are the only guides available with a distinct forward angle; all others point straight sideways. That angle fits the general belt geometry much better:


Why do this in the first place? Well, it makes it easier to grab the seat belt from behind you. But really my main reason is that I like the vibe they give off: sort of a typically American two-door feature.

I fed a black rubber hair band through the holes which eliminates any risk of rattles, and a translucent tube prevents them from sliding down.


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