Spinning rims.


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Sep 24, 2023
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I know they are a fad that faded away 20 some years ago, but does anyone have any idea where a set of 20 inch spinning rims could be sourced in our bolt pattern/offset?

This is not in the stupid question thread so it doesn't get lost.
I remember seein an 80's toyota in maryville, with 20" spinners on it. :rofl: The wheels were obviously 10x the value of the car...
Dubs website shows me that they are ridiculously priced. I thought there may be a cheaper option that isn't a Cambodian Tire hubcap. And 114.3 bolt pattern would be needed I am sure.
A fancy angular non spinner chrome wheel would look good, but they are hard to come by also.
I forgot you're in BC. I lost it laughing when I read "Cambodian Tire". That's also a street name for them over in parts of the GTA.
There are some great Chrome wheels for our cars; the Old school Cragars are wrong offset, but Torq-Thrust Chromes that fit are similar.
I'm Running Mark Chrome Spirals on Lazarus, soon to be on the Red Cougar, and the stock aluminum 21spoke cougar wheels are going back on him.

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