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Oct 12, 2023
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I was getting my driver's side window replaced (itself a lucky thing: these are getting hard to find) when I casually mentioned that I sure wish I could replace my rear window molding, which like so many others had cracked and now looked awful. He took a quick look and said, "Oh, I'm sure I have something that will fit almost as well".

Twenty minutes later I had new molding.

It's not a 100% match: it's not as tall as the original, so you can see a very slight line where the old molding was. I don't consider this an issue as it's so faint that you have to know what you're looking for, and the overall look versus the old cracks and gaps is far, far better. The only other issue is that, because it's not as tall, it runs out at the end before giving you 100% coverage at one of the very far corners. It's only a single tiny gap (picture two), and so I'm just going to put a touch of waterproof black fill in there and call it a day.

Compared to the ugly old thing with its fade and gaps and cracks, this is a thousand times better. No clips: you pull the old clips out, and then this simply goes straight on with adhesive. Colour and general appearance match the rest of the OEM molding almost perfectly.

The installer just had this extra lying around, so it didn't come out of a package. But he was sure it was Coach Glass motorhome trim. He was fairly sure it was their M6 molding specifically, if you wanted to try this yourself, but you could take some measures, try their site (, and see what is likely to fit best.


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Good enough for government work. Appreciate this.

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