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Sep 12, 2023
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This is a hybrid media/inquiry section.

-If you see a car you're interested in feel free to inquire via message or conversation to the poster

-Check posting dates. Most self service junkyards only keep cars in inventory for a few months, some as little as a few weeks, before they are crushed. Odds are whoever found the car likely found it after the car had been in the yard for a bit, so if you see a car from 6 months ago you're most likely wasting the posters as well as your own time.

-Likewise, when you add pics try to include dates the pictures were taken. Don't blame anyone but yourself if you posted up a picture of a 5-speed SC you spotted in 2016 and got a bunch of messages asking you to pull parts today :wink:

-Though this is a MN12 Thunderbird/Cougar dedicated site, FN10s, Foxbodies as well as just about anything else is fair game if you'd just like to share your adventure.

-Note to sellers: if you pulled parts off of the car you photographed and would like to list the part in classifieds, please use the standard parts for sale subsection.
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