What radiator?

This Radiator fits a 95-97 chassis and has plenty of cooling for a 5.0 engine where the stock 3.8L was inadequate: Griffin univeral aluminum radiator

Radiator, Universal, Aluminum, Natural, 27.5 in. Wide, 19 in. High, 3.0 in. Thick, Each
(Mfr. #: 1-26242-X)​
What radiator are you 97 bird owners using?

The Griffin radiator from SCP but when I bought it years ago it wasn't that expensive like it is now. Stays cool all the time, no worries about the goofy plastic side tanks. Years ago the overflow tank nipple on my first Thunderbird broke off while driving, nice unpluggable hole in the radiator, had to get the car towed home. At the time I bought an aftermarket aluminum radiator that was the same size as original just to avoid that plastic issue. Much later I got the SCP bigger version for my replacement Thunderbird.

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