wipers won't work on any speed.


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Sep 27, 2023
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97 Tbird auto. 4.6

Randomly over the past few weeks the wipers just won't turn on. of course its raining cats and dogs today and they won't turn on. in the past its happened maybe once or twice and within about 15 mins I can get them to work but this morning it just won't work. so my multifunction switch isn't very old, I tried Taping on the motor also checked the fuse. any other suggestions on where to begin to figure this out?

also, wasn't sure what category to post this question in.
If you have a volt meter I'd check to see if you have voltage to the motor. Then you know if it's the actual motor or something before it.
yeah i've got a volt meter just not sure which wires to test... I ordered an EVTM manual for it but I won't have it until fri
thank you everyone I'll test that tomorrow and figure out that portion and go from there
After that voltage test, take a look at the connector in the column. I had a wire pull back from the multifunction switch in my Ex that would make an intermittent connection, the wires were real tight with the wheel tilted up. I shoved it back up in there and squirted some silicone type sealant from behind to hold it in place.
There are tiny wires in the stalk If you find the prob and can fix it, keep it for next time. Be careful taking it apart, and you have to remember how to put it back together. Fill it with white lithium grease.
Problem fixed... So somehow and I'm uncertain how it happened when I swapped my instrument cluster I had used one of those piggy back fuses well happens to be that it's the wiper fuse spot in the fuse panel. Somehow it either never got plugged all the way in or it wiggled it's way out either way I changed the location of the piggy back and bam wipers. The piggy back was so I could run lights to the aftermarket gauges I installed inside of the cluster


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