'90-'94 Town Car Inside Door Release Handles


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Sep 22, 2023
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Yup, I did it. Square peg, round hole, and all. I love it; I can't help myself!

It's a simple swap. I don't even care about the opening. I replaced the foam so it looks clean/new, and I'll check how the ambient lighting behaves tonight.

Angle dependent, this looks pretty good

This would drive me absolutely nuts though lol

Sounds like that old doctor joke:

Patient - "Anytime I do this, it hurts."
Doctor - "Then don't do that."

I mean you really never look at it flat on like on that picture; you pretty much only see it down from an angle.

Maybe find a chrome piece to fill the corner of that triangle

Actually that wouldn't be too difficult. I'll think about it.
I like the lighting. I think the handle looks good. Though for me, I'd make something to cover the rear edge of the handle. the handle being chrome makes the square edge of the handle noticeable. It seems like it fits pretty nice.
I had a longer post written up that touched on this in the junkyard crawl thread, but I never posted it. Personally, if I were to do this at all, I would powder coat a more appropriately shaped '95-97 Town Car door handle matte black. Maybe even an oil-rubbed bronze if we're trying to do something unique. That would also make the triangular gap less prominent from some angles and make it easier to fabricate some sort of triangular wedge out of whatever appropriate material to fill some of the gap and it wouldn't have to be chromed to match.

Still not a fan of the chrome, but it's not my car or budget. The lighting worked out well though.
a more appropriately shaped '95-97 Town Car door handle

I tried those, too. The metal along the base plate is taller, and it hits the bottom edge of the triangle opening in the trim bezel (sorry, I didn't take a photo). So it would require additional modification to fit.

The handle itself is also a bit shorter than the <'95 one I used.

Initially I actually preferred the newer handle because it's more rounded. But the easy installation of the older handle, albeit more angular, makes it the better choice in my opinion.

The chrome is a matter of taste of course. I love it; I think it works great with the wood, too.
I think I'm pretty much committed to this mod. Should I put up my leather-wrapped handles for sale? The stitching was a lot of work; would be a shame not to use them.

I’m evolving my opinion based on new evidence, that better angle merits this emoticon: :unsure:

:zpuke:remains for the straight on view
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