97 tbird 4r70w rebuilt trans for sale


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Sep 27, 2023
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I've got a rebuilt trans that I belive the torque converter is bad it's a long story but here goes. I bought this transmission from a company called monster transmission for 2500 I put it in the car didn't drive it more than a block before I knew there was definitely a problem. Brought it back home and double/triple checked everything. Used my programmer to see Live data (I'll post a video after this post) and I could see that the torque converter slip was way off which was causing havoc with the rest of the car. I checked everything again contacted monster and they claimed there was no way it could be the torque converter and told me to take it to a local transmission shop and have it diagnosed well my wife had already looked up some info on monster that I should have looked up before hand and found out they are not BBB accredited. And if I took the car to a shop and they removed the valve body that it would void the warranty so I did not have that done. I went back and forth with them for a year over this (meanwhile I still had to have the car running so I had another transmission rebuilt and put it in the car) well to wrap up the story eventually monster refused to answer or return any phone calls or emails so I'm stuck with a 2500 dollar transmission that I don't need cause I had the other one redone locally. Now with all that being said even though I have 2500 in this one I know it's not fair to ask for that much so I'm selling it as basically a rebuildable core you come pick it up in person cash $400. If you have any questions I'll do my absolute best to answer them and I can guarantee that I will tell you to the best of my knowledge now I'm not a transmission guy but I'll do my best thanks for reading my post hope to talk soon. Video link to follow.
Video of transmission torque convert issue.
This video shows after I pulled the monster transmission out and put in the locally rebuilt transmission using all the same wiring and sensors as I did on the monster trans. But this one works... I'm only posting this because I belive in being forward and honest with anyone I'm selling anything to.


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