Anyone else getting a dongle error?


Sep 22, 2023
Harriman, TN
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2x 1996 Cougars, 1997 Tbird 4.6's all.
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I tried my software today, and it says my dongle is invalid. Any Ideas? I'll call them Friday, but there's unlikely to be anyone to talk to until monday.
They gave me a phone number.
Make sure you don't have advantage open in two windows, that'll give you the error
I mentioned in another thread that they have specialized doctors and medicines for this now...
No, That dongle is working fine, lol.
According to my nurse, while I was in the Icu, who told me i was a freak, lol. I asked why, and she said "Most people don't pop a boner while I'm taking out a catheter that's been in for a month!" She was a total babe, too, lol.
I called sct this morning, and had to leave a callback number; it's now 6pm, so I guess I'll call back tomorrow and hassle them again. I probably sent them an email after all the errors with win 7, and the fix for it was win 10, which has an embedded persistent virus that keeps loading itself, called edge. I really need to switch to linux one of these days.

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