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Sep 22, 2023
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Chameleon 1995 Thunderbird LX 4.6
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The bottom of my coolant tank looks like pond scum and red clay. The tank itself is fine with no cracks or leaks. I'm planning to do a flush soon but don't know what to do with the tank.

What's the best way to clean it out?

Also, will a tank for any year 4.6L fit the 1995?
The last NOS one went into the tbird iirc. I'd order another one, if I could. I used a handful of bb's, and simple green. Plug the holes, fill with hot water, and a handful of bb's. Shake it like you're mad at it, while rotating it in every rotation. Nothing else I've ever found works like that. I use the same technique on anything; a strong magnet makes getting them all out easy.
I've got one that leaks pressure at the seam; I'm working on finding something that will fix it, but I aint found it yet.
I use rock salt, I just make sure to let it dissolve and rinse it out thoroughly in the end. I tried BBs but they were a pain in the ass to get out, there’s like three tanks within the main tank so a magnet only works on the outermost portion
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You have to roll it in every direction, and only use the magnet when they are somewhere you can pull them out. If that makes any sense. I've done this on heads, cases, tanks, whatever you have to clean, really.
The only drag with using something like vinegar or baking soda, is getting it all out. Baking soda dissolves aluminum.

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