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Sep 23, 2023
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1994 Thunderbird LX
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I installed a remote start in my daily, which is a '99 Mercury Sable. I've wired all the connections to the ignition wiring harness properly, But here's my issue, This car has the PATS system. I wired the D2D harness into the PATS system based off of the Taurus forums, I've doubled checked my connections and they all seem to be right, but when I plug the D2D harness in to the remote start module, The ignition (ACC) turns on and it won't start and I can't start it with the key, the only way to get the ignition off or to key start the car is unplugging the D2D from the module. What am I doing wrong?! I was under the impression that if you connected D2D you wouldn't need a key bypass. The remote start is an Avital 4115L.
I don’t know much about how remote start systems try to bypass the PATS, other than somehow storing and duplicating the signal, but considering a 99 sable is not exactly high on the list of stolen cars, a simple fix is to just tape or zip-tie a programmed key to the steering column near the ignition switch, hidden under the column trim panel. At that point, you would also be able to start the car with an unprogrammed key, so creating duplicate keys becomes easy.
I installed Crimestopper alarms in both SuperBirdo and the green 97. Now I understand that those don't have PATS, but the instructions have information on working with the factory security system. That said, this is not my area of expertise at all.
Fun fact, the 2000-03 Taurus and Sable wagons were the least stolen vehicles in America.

Cut a chip key, program it in, and then cut the blade off the key. Tape the transponder inside the column under the ignition lock. If you have two keys programmed currently, you can self-program a new one.

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