New PS feed hose?


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Oct 5, 2023
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Anybody know a source for the 5/8" formed hose from the power steering reservoir to the pump can be found? I'd like to use a formed piece like the OEM but I can't seem to find one. Then again, I don't really know good sources for hard-to-find parts for these cars. Maybe you do?
Thanks MadMikey for your reply. I actually checked RA yesterday to try to get a part number and they didn't even have a listing for one. I ended up using regular low-pressure 5/8"ID power steering hose from O'Rileys.

As far as Rock Auto is concerned, they have screwed me for the last time. I had a damaged pressure line on a steering rack that occurred in shipping which they would gladly replace, but not until I sent the damaged one back. I found out at that time that RA had discontinued ANY KIND of phone support or even email support! I'm really pissed by this time. THEN in the next order I placed one day after ordering the steering rack, one of the UCAs had a hole in the boot and the other only had one set of mounting hardware. Back they went. I got the replacements in and there are only one set of mounting hardware in each of those (Mevotek Supreme). Then TODAY, I was about to install the LCAs and the left control arm DOES NOT HAVE A GREASEABLE BALL JOINT! The right one does have a greaseable ball joint (Mevotek Supreme). Arranged a return for that. Also today as I'm packing up the core for the steering rack I find out RA wants to charge me $31 for return shipping for a $45 core part! Forget it! I'll rebuild it and use it in one of my other birds.

I could have had this car back together 2 weeks ago if I hadn't had to deal with defective parts from Rock Auto!

While I'm ranting, I'd love to know if there is a viable alternative to Rock Auto that does indeed provide phone or email support if required?

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