Power seat not working


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Oct 5, 2023
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Good day all. I just took my latest T-Bird purchase for it's first drive as it wasn't running when I bought it. I found out the power seat doesn't work. I suppose the first thing to check is a fuse, and I'll check that before anything else obviously. It's wet and raining now so I can't check. I suppose there can't be too many things wrong: Bad motor, bad wiring, blown fuse? Am I missing anything?
Bad wiring seems unlikely unless it's unplugged or had a rodent condo under the seat. Bad motor is the likely scenario, iirc.
Like the mlps, the motor/track is dirty, and needs to be cleaned and lubed. If the fuse is bad, it may be locked up.
If it works going up and down or tilting its gummed up tracks or a bad gearbox, if it’s not working at all it’s an electrical issue
I checked the fuse... pulled it out and tested for continuity. It was good. I put it back and tested the seat. The motor is working a bit, both up/down and forward/rear, but just a tiny about. After seeing the seat move, I also suspected gummed-up tracks. Nice to have confirmation. I'll put it on the list. Appreciate the help.
I use axle grease to go back in with; getting the old stuff out is the hard part.

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