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Back in February, I applied for a new position, Business Analyst III. It's a bit premature considering I'm still on probation for my current role, but I went for it anyway. I applied because there's a position open within my department, and that's the only reason why I applied.

Anyways, I went through the motions, qualified, and got called up for interview and whatnot.

Today, I found out I was not the chosen candidate. It was another candidate.

I'm not butt-hurt or anything. It was worth the shot, but it still bums me out.

The list is still qualified for 6 months, so there's still opportunity to get called up for another department. I have another interview for another department on Thursday. I'm not holding my breath, but the opportunity is there.
Well today was a fun day. Had to go around telling some employees (some long-tenured) that we're laying them off in 2 months.

Sometimes being the boss is not very glamorous.
Been a fun week for me. Spent Sunday morning in the ER with chest pain, shortness of breath, and dizziness.

Luckily — if you can call it that — it was only a case of pancreatitis. This is my first bout with it and it is kicking my tail. CT showed no signs of gallstones or gallbladder issues.

The recovery progress is slow but it is progress at least. Diet changes have been made across the board and I'm resting when I feel the need to, but also trying to stay active somewhat.

Any tips would be appreciated. :rofl:
Pancreatitis was one of the things the EMTs first speculated before the CT scan at the hospital showed my kidney ruptured, so if it felt like that my deepest sympathies!
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It's been done.

There's a van in GTA5 that does exactly this.

Pancreatitis was one of the things the EMTs first speculated before the CT scan at the hospital showed my kidney ruptured, so if it felt like that my deepest sympathies!
Funny enough the first thing they checked me for was a heart attack. Apparently the symptoms are nearly identical when the pancreatitis is bad enough.
All those photos were exactly on point, except Grandma in the back seat. :)
I hate noodles unless is's covered with cheese or meaty marinara :rofl.

Costco's finest noodles. Add a bit of pork or shrimp and they're stellar.
NGL I love just plain buttered noodles now and then, I have the same taste buds I had when I was 7.

Oh and cheese pizza is the best tasting pizza. Toppings ruin it.
^ this.
I try to half-cook an egg for ramen. Boil a small bit of water, drop the egg in, stir it once or twice and quickly throw it into the bowl/cup with the ramen water
Lol. My favorite Pizza is PMS, OR PMB/bo. :) P =Pepperoni, B= Beef, and S is sausage. M= mushies, bo is black olives.
BUT, the best pies I ever had was when Herb was closing the Dominos across the street from my shop. I had classes that ran till 10 pm, so I'd stop by on my way home A "Crew PIe" is a pie made from a large crust,extra sauce and the contents of the overflow pans from the prep area. :) Those have to be thrown away, and there's nothing wrong with it other than it's everything they sell, that fell off a pizza as it was being made. Stuff in the floor goes out also by law.Sometimes we'd use 2 crusts, just to keep the stuff on it, lol. You had to bake it until it was almost burnt, to melt all the cheese, lol.
Sometimes we'd cover it with another crust, and flip it over and bake that crust. Kina like the Prizzo pizza pizza slut used to sell. :) God I want a pizza,lol.
We had several pizza places in town when I ws growing up, We had Big Eds, Pizza inn, Pizzahut, Back door Pizza, and Billy's Time out Deli.
All different, all had their special pizza. I could walk to Billys or Backdoor, and they didn't mind kids from the neighborhood coming in alone, as long as you had money, lol. In the summer I hsd several lucrative businesses, one gathering coins under the diving boards at the pool. :) I sold seeds,delivered papers, mowed lawns, fixed other kids bikes after I found out how much parents would pay. :) After I fixed a few car stereo's, word got around, and I made a shitload of cash fixing 8-track decks. :) (1970's)Later, I did cassette decks. :)
Interesting. I switched from SF to Farmers about 5 months ago; the homeowners rates were comparable but the SF auto premiums were $1000/yr more than the same coverage from just about everyone else I got quotes from.

No claims to speak of (yet) but we'll see how it goes...
My SF ins on Lazarus is $55 a year. I have every expectation the red Cougar will be similar.
Farmers was OK until the wife got into an accident last year ( it was $2000 for 6 months premium before ) .. then they demanded I pay the entire $3000 premium in full, started sending letters for mileage verification and most recently they sent a letter wanting multi angle pictures of all my vehicles, pictures of the VIN, pictures of drivers licenses under the threat of not renewing my policy, in addition to the email and the voice mail they left. 🙄 Fuck Farmers.

I still have home owners through State Farm; I had to file a claim a year ago when the fence blew down and that was a two month hassle - the fence cost $4000 to repair between me and the neighbor and after my decuctible, I got $600 towards the $2000 I paid the fencer.
Insurance is getting more difficult everywhere, but that's intense. We pay $800/ 6 months for 3 vehicles. One is liability only, but a 19 yo driver.
TM, you and the rest of the carolina crew be careful; there were a bunch of federal Marshalls shot today in Charlotte.
Matt, how goes the search for a bike?

My buddy who used to live nearby with a fleet of SCs I'd tinker on has a Honda VLX 600 he's offered to sell and even deliver back up to me, we haven't really talked price but I'm leaning that way since it's a known entity and seems like a good starter bike that looks badass.

Man, that looks like a harley, but the reliability of a honda; I like that. /the last honda I worked on was a 60's "pit bike" for a buddy. We put new rings and bearings in it. Everything was pristine inside, but the materials in the important crap was total shit. We rebuilt it by replacing the original babbit bearings, and he's put thousands of miles on that little bike. :)
Have you looked into the college yet? If you take their class, you skip the written test here. I helped a couple of coworkers attempt to kill themselves. :) some people are unsuited for riding. The semi always wins, no matter how pissed you are, lol.EDIT: I left out 'entitled'. If you feelyou are entitled to a piece of road someone else is using, you will have a problem very soon. :) If you ride between semi's on the interstate, don't let them know you're there at all. They will take your ass out, no lol.

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