Crickets in Blower Motor


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Sep 22, 2023
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I already mentioned this briefly in the Stupid Questions thread, but I figured this merits its own discussion.

The Symptom

A ticking and/or cricket like sound coming from the blower motor when in "LO". In medium-low, its frequency becomes faster; in medium-high and "HI", it disappears altogether.

The Fix?

A new blower motor, presumably. I owned a 2015 Buick Regal a few years ago, which developed the exact same issue; replacing the motor (under warranty) fixed it.

But what I'm interested in are possible fixes using my existing hardware.

What is the issue to begin with? Is it safe to assume that some bearing is dry, dirty and/or otherwise failing? Can you open up the motor, lubricate any parts of it, and/or repair any of its internals?

And what are other possible causes? E.g., dirt or leaves in the ductwork? Warped fan blades or fan housing?
The other failure mode is that it seizes up, after screaming all the way to work, lol.
Yeah it’s a bearing in the motor itself, a roller is likely sticking. I don’t particularly mind the noise as opposed to the electric hum of the replacement I tried, which wasn’t a low end motor mind you. I’ve had the same noise occur in ceiling fans, I’ve have had success taking them apart and lubricating the bearings with a few drops of motor oil. Never thought to try it with the blower in our cars but getting to the bearings may be enough of a challenge to not be worth it
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Only use grease on low speed bearings; it will take them out quick. I destroyed an air cond motor that was that way. My service guy was like "if yooda hit it with axle grease, I'd be rebuilding it. but"... This was in the 70's, lol. $300 motor. over a $20 rebuild kit, and 20 minutes on my dirt bike, lol.
I just put it back in without doing anything to it. Didn't seem doable to clean/grease it without tedious disassembly. Maybe I'm lucky and my mere touch fixed it.
A new motor will fix it. If it seizes, it takes out the resistor module.
I had a blower motor give up on the way to school one day. It started making a bad noise then, pop. It coughed up a couple brushes that hit the passenger door mat near my sister's feet. Melted right to the rubber mat. Good news was I didn't need to diagnose it at that point😬
A new motor will fix it. If it seizes, it takes out the resistor module.

He has the 3 knob unit with the traditional blower resistor. Might take it out but it's very cheap and easy to replace, I expect it'll blow the inline fuse first, however.

I wouldn't worry about the sound unless you start hearing it in highspeed, mine's been making the cricket noise since 2005 when the car had only 60k on the clock

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